Avisar Har-Zvi Law Office is a law firm that combines a rich legal experience in various areas of law.
The firm is engaged in the areas of torts, including personal injury, car accidents, medical malpractice, insurance claims, claims against the Ministry of Defense, National Insurance Institute and its various departments such as Work Injury, Disability, Mobility, Polio, Nursing and more.
In addition, the firm specializes in claims regarding labor law, evacuation claims and a variety of civil lawsuits.
Avisar Har-Zvi Office provides its clients with comprehensive legal support, representation in various courts, as well as in committees of the National Insurance Institute, the Ministry of Defense and quasi legal bodies, as well as providing specific and ongoing legal advice.
The firm places special emphasis on professional and reliable service to its customers, including availability, customer relationship and focuses on special needs of its customers.
The firm's attorneys are committed to providing each customer with an appropriate and custom made advice, while maintaining full availability and service orientation.


Contact Information
16 Moshe Dayan Street, Petah Tikva 49003020.
Mailing Address: PO Box 10386, Petah Tikva
Tel: 03-6129146, Fax: 03-6129145
Email: avisar.lawoffice@gmail.com, harzvi.lawoffice@gmail.com
Mobile: Adv. Nir Avisar- 052-6771848, Adv.​ Yehuda Har-Zvi- 052-5802782